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Here is where everyone hangs out when we have a party. The big bar in the kitchen. The top is a big slab of marble. One of the little details that our architect Chago, did for us is tile the underside of the bar. That way if you brush up against it, you won't snag your panty hose! The kitchen itself is very large, about 6.5 meters from the edge of the bar to the sink on the opposite wall. On the wall opposite the bar is this painting by Romeo Tabuena. This is a painting called Adam and Eve by Ceballos. And another painting by Ceballos. Now we step into my domain. As you can see, I like books. Books have always been my friends. I just wish I had enough time to read them all. I remember by love affair with books began with the first real book I ever read, The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas. I was eight years old. These days I'm mainly into math, physics and computers. Someday I will actually read and understand Misner, Thorne, & Wheeler.

The painting peek out from the edge of the bookcase is another Tabuena. Oh, and you can never have enough laptops. I buy a old Dell latitude CPI every time we visit the US and bring it down. They're only about 200 dollars, but they run Linux like a dream.

On the opposite wall are, guess what, more books. Along the top shelf are some interesting goodies from my past. First you'll find an old Paradise Multidisplay Card. This was the first (more or less) successful product that my company produced. It was back in the days of the original (8088) IBM pc. It was two four-layer pc boards packed with ttl logic that combined the original MDA and CGA video boards into one. It sold for $995, and we sold a bunch of them. Next to that is a Panasonic HHC and Datashuttle, which was a product designed by Friends-Amis back around 1980. The first product made by Friends-Amis was the Craig Language Translator, which I wasn't involved with, but one is sitting next to the HHC. Finally you can see a MAC-10, a 10 MegaByte hard disk for the original 512K Mac. And I remember back then wondering what we would do with all that disk space! Finally, here is a view of the office down the center. You'll usually find me sitting behind the desk computing, with a Chihuahua on my lap. The print on the back wall is called the Punk Penguin, by Wyland. I was into penguins long before I discovered Linux. What a lucky co-incidence. Next door to the office we have a full bathroom. On the left we have a shower. The window is really a curved set of glass bricks. On the right we have a one person jacuzzi tub. Next we have the guest room, which is right next door to the office. Nadine has always wanted a canopy bed, so we got a couple and put them in the guestroom. Here is another view of the bed. The painting in the back was done by Lisa Burt, a local artist. Attached to the guestroom is another full bath. They sure do beautiful tile and marble work in Mexico.

Quote of the day:
A dog teaches a boy fidelity, perseverance, and to turn around three times before lying down.
Robert Benchley

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