Here is our chihuahua dog, Gatita, which means little cat in Spanish. Actually gatita is the diminutive of gata, which means cat. This allows us to tell people that we have 3 gatas, but one is a dog. It definitely confuses the locals. Most people only recognize us when she is with us. Anyway Gatita is our eternal baby, and one of the sweetest doggies we've ever seen. She loves people, and unlike most chihuahuas is not a yipper. Whenever we take her for a walk on the beach, she is always sure to attract a crowd. The little kids just squeal with delight as the "chihuahueno" (a Mazatlan slang) walks by. We got her as a two year old back in 1995, and she has been our constant companion. She likes nothing better than to sit on my lap while I'm on the computer, hence her nickname, computer dog.

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Hi there. Gatita here. It's not often that I'm as big as a tree, so I had my humans take a picture just to prove it Whatever I did wrong, I'm sorry. Whenever I see my sisters, Belle, or Venus, getting ready to run around, I just sit down until all the commotion passes.

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