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Welcome to my room. This is where we hang out at night watching TV with our babies, Gatita, Belle, Venus, Tippy, Miss Parker, and Jarod. This year (2003) I have finally achieved TV Nirvana. There is finally a TIVO like system available for Linux. It is based on the PVR-350 from Hauppauge, and there are now working Linux drivers for it. So I can now record all of our favorite programs to my hard disk, while still keeping our house an MFE (Microsoft Free Zone). The blanket on the bed is my favorite, and it is starting to get some holes in, but we bought it in Bali and have found it difficult to replace. Of course I can never be too far away from a computer, so our house has an ethernet network that distributes 100mb ethernet to about 20 outlets. One of them is here, and I'm running an ltsp workstation. In case you don't know, this is definitely the way to go if you are installing a new network. The little box next to the monitor is a diskless, fanless (totally silent) computer, that connects to the main computer in my other office. The paintings are all by Ramon Kelley. Here is why we watch TV in this room. It's almost like being in the movies, except we get to have our babies on our laps. The room to the right is the walk in closet, and to the left is the bathroom. Gatita like to sleep in the little bed on the floor, when she's not on my lap. Here's the bathroom. We have a two person Jacuzzi tub, which we almost never use, and when we do, we wonder why we never use it.

Quote of the day:
Flies spread disease, keep yours zipped.

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