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Situated on a quiet street just steps away from the main drag and the beach is Chrissy's Luxury Apartment, a spacious place on the south side of the house she is living in. It is located perhaps fifty meters away from her hair salon and coffee shop and is available for rent for only $870 USD per month. That works out to only than $29 USD per day, so I doubt you'll be able to do better than that.

Let's start in the living room, which is bright, sunny, and roomy. You can see Chrissy standing proudly under the portrait of an ancient ancestor. It is hard to appreciate the size of this room, but you certainly enjoy all the space. The entire unit has been freshly painted and is in tip top condition.
Right behind the living room is a guest bedroom and office. There is a phone and internet connection here, so just bring down your laptop and surf the web at night and the waves during the day. Did I mention that all of the utilities, gas, water, electricity, and trash collection, are included in the rent (during the winter)? She has also added cable TV, internet access, and mini-split (ie quiet) air conditioners to this unit. Thus the $810 USD is all you pay for a month of life in the slow lane. During the summer, you have to pay your share (50%) of the electric bill, as air conditioning is really quite expensive here in Mazatlán.
Now we move to the kitchen, which is fully stocked and ready for breakfast. Speaking of breakfast, there is a wonderful little built in bench right next to the full sized refrigerator. Also Chrissy wants me to point out the set of wine and champagne glasses hanging on the rack over the counter. She and Nadine love their champagne, even in a Pacifico town.
Next we move on the the master bedroom and bathroom. These are truly grand. There is enough room in the master bath to throw a party. You can see Nadine and Chrissy toasting to soaking in the marble lined tub. Below you see that even the walls are floor to ceiling marble. You'll definitely feel like you living the lifestyle of the rich and famous here.
Chrissy has really gone out of her way to make sure you enjoy your stay here. Her library includes a selection of books and games that you are free to use. She has also added a small sitting area just outside the living room, where you can sip your champagne (or beer) in the cool shade of a lazy Mazatlán afternoon.
To contact Chrissy, please send her a message at:

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