Hi! My name is Chrissy, and I would like to welcome you to Mazatlan and invite you to enjoy a cup of my delicious specialty coffee, and maybe treat yourself to a day of beauty and pampering at my European Beauty Salon.
Chrissy Smith Hutchon, owner and all around nice person Chrissy Smith Hutchon, owner and all around nice person
I like to call my coffeeshope STARDOES, (since the masculine version of that name was already taken, and besides we're all girls here. Besides with the symbol of Mazatlan being a deer (venado), it just seemed appropriate.

Nikki, Chrissy's sister, and head StarDoe Here is photo of my sister Nikki. Nikki runs the coffeeshop in the front, and I run the beauty shop in the back. If you're interested in what we have available, here is the menu from the coffeeshop:
Cold Drinks Espresso Drinks Assorted Pastries
Small Large Small Large Bagels 10
Iced Latte 15 20 Espresso 12 Croissants 15
Iced Mocha 15 20 Americano 10 15 W/Cream/Cheese 15
Aspen Iced Cappuccino 15 20 Cappuccino 15 20 Banana Bread 15
Cafe Frio 10 15 Latte 15 20 Scones/Muffins 15
Iced Chai 10 15 Steamed Milk 10 15 Biscotti 15
Iced Tea 10 15 Spiced Chai/Latte 20 25 Cakes
Smoothies 15 20 Hot Tea 10 15 Chocolate 20 Slice
Italian Sodas 10 15 Hot Cocoa 15 20 Toffee/Nut Coconut 90 Whole
Fresh Ground Coffee 1lb 2lb Mocha 16 20 Strawberry & Cream 90 Whole
Cafe Chiapas Supreme 65 130 White Chocolate Mocha 16 20 Lemon & Vainilla 90 Whole
Veracruz/Oaxaca 55 110 Almond Mocha 20 25 Carrot 90 Whole
House Blend 65 130 Raspberry Mocha 20 25 Pies
Decaf Colombian 65 130 Extra Shots 5 Apple/Peach W/Cheese 20 Slice
Extra Flavor 5 Banana/Lemon 90 Whole
Brownies (Cheese Cake/Fudge) 15
Peanut Butter Cookie 8
Chocolate Dream Cookie 8
Chocolate Espresso Beans 30
Assorted Cookie Tray 140 1 Kilo
I have to admit I buy some of the cakes from other bakeries, but my sweet litte Dania helps me with baking the cookies at home. While you're having your coffee and scones, you can also check your email or visit your favorite web sites on my computer. My son, Willie, set this up for me, so technically this is his part of the family business.

Besides a complete Beauty salon, we also offer a relaxing or therapeutic massage in the back. In case you're interested, here is a complete list of our prices and services:
Christine's European Salon
Hair Care Nail Care Body Treatments Waxing
Design Cut, Shampoo, Blowdry 150 Manicure 80 60 min. Full Body Massage 250 Lip, chin, brow, each 60
Men's Haircut 50 Pedicure 100 30 min. Foot Reflexology 180 Bikini, underarms, each 100
Shampoo & Straight Style 100 Full Set Acrylics & Gels 200 60 min. Facial 180 Half Leg 180
Shampoo & Set 100 Acrylics & Gels Fill 120 Eyelash tint & Curling 300 Full Leg 220
Permanent Wave Nail Repair with fill 50
Partial 250 and up Pro-Finish 20
Partial with cut 400 Polish Change 60
Full Perm 300 and up Basic Nail Art 100
Full Perm with cut 450 Delux Nail Art 150
Christine's European Salon
Highlighting Tint
Touch-up Weave 250 and up First Application or Retouch 200 and up
Touch-up Weave with cut 400 First Application or Retouch with cut 350
Full Head Weave 300 and up Hair Style and Makeup Application 250
Full Head Weave with cut 450

Quote of the day:
Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.
Roger Caras

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