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This is the "upstairs" living room, a very quiet and peaceful place. Our guests sometimes like to come up here and read. The rug is a very large and finely woven persian carpet. The glass table has a very interesting and unusual S shaped acrylic base. This is what we playfully call the cat's room. We had the wall painted by a young local artist whose father happens to be our veternarian. This way, even when we are not around, the kitties don't feel like they are alone. This room does not have a bed in it, so you really can't expect to stay in it overnight. We usually lock our "girls" in at night, so in case they feel like yelling we won't hear them. This is the other end of the cat's room. In case they get tired of looking at their painted animal friends, they can check out the babes on the beach. There is a treadmill in the foreground, in case you want to go for a beach walk without getting your feet sandy.

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