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Here we have a couple of shots of the master bedroom. Nadine loves her four poster bed, and we usually watch TV here in the evening rather than in the living room. The skylight keeps the room nice and bright in the day, but we installed a pull shade so that it stays dark in the morning when the sun comes up. Yes, that's a plasma TV on the wall, right in the middle of a chewing gum commercial. It's a 42 inch Sony, and you have to see the picture to believe it.
Here is the master bathroom that adjoins the bedroom. Nadine loves to take long baths and watch the birds jump around in the bushes through the window. The hillside is very steep behind the house, so there is no chance of someone walking by, not even the gardener. There is also a nice glass shower at the left. The bath also has a skylight, so it is bright and airy during the day. Well, there you have it. This is our summer place when it starts to get hot in Mazatlan. As I said before, we rent out our Belevedere house during the fall, winter, and spring from September until June. It never snows here, but the it does rain a lot in the winters usually. The spring and fall seasons are usually quite lovely. If you are interested in renting this house all or part of the time, please send us a message.

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