Name: Judy Hark
Location: Newport News, VA USA
Date: Thursday, December 24, 1998 at 20:46:57
Just returned from Mazatlan last weekend and had an ice storm today. No power for 12 hours! How soon can we go back? Want to recommend Tony's on the Beach, near the Dbltree hotel...wonderful meal and view. Seafood grille for two...190 pesos. Lobster, shrimp, fish filet. We stayed at Torres Mazatland..time share exchange. It was wonderful. Your guides around town and the buses were right on the money. The only real expense is getting there. What a wonderful inexpensive vacation. We'll do two weeks next year! Thanks for all your help. We used your coupon at Ernie Tomatoes...they laughed and brought us a free Pacifica. Their taco salad is to die for. Don't miss a chance to see this wonderful place.

Name: Ron Laviolette
Location: Winnipeg, MB Canada
Date: Thursday, December 24, 1998 at 17:12:25
Dear Henry & Nadine Thank You for providing a helpful and accurate website.Four of us spent 2 weeks in Feb/Mar '98. We arrived just in time for the start of the 100th Carnival. The parade was awesome ! Everything mentionned on your site was 100% accurate. I had copies of all your info printed and we used them extensively. No Name Cafe's chicken & ribs combo....mmmmmm soooooo much great food for sooooo little! The weather during our stay was perfect. The rain only came when we were waiting on the tarmac, getting ready for takeoff and returning to the land of snow. We'll be back again. I kept my eyes open for you during those two weeks, so I could thank you personally.....Sorry we missed you.....THANKS to your help this trip was a huge success ! Ron

Name: Linda Wiedman
Location: Effingham, Il USA
Date: Wednesday, December 23, 1998 at 22:18:19
My husband & I just returned from 7 wonderful days in Mazatlan. We had printed out your web information before we left and took it with us - everything you said was very true. We ate at many restaurants and we were very pleased with them all. We took advantage of a few tours Ole Tours had to offer (very good tour company). We took the City and Country Tours, and also went to Stone Island and harbor tour. Had a blast- can't wait to go back. Thanks for a great web site. Linda

Name: fred williams
Location: vancouver, wa usa
Date: Monday, December 21, 1998 at 16:47:59
We visited the 1st week of December 1998. Your page was quite helpful. Used several of the coupons. Went to the Tails & Horns Restaurant had a great meal. Found out about it from a tour guide ( Victor)who is the mater-dea (sp ?)in the evening. Also met a Lady by the name od Karol Becerra who has the Seattle Espresso cart. Who you have a coupon for in your Mazatlsn info. Her e-mail address is She asked me to have you change her coupon to read 2 pesos off any espresso drink. Rather than the current 2 for 1 deal

Name: John H. Wilson
Location: Richmond Dale, OH USA
Date: Monday, December 14, 1998 at 01:16:03
seriously considering a trip to Mazatlan in the near future. I am really enjoying your website. It holds a wealth of practical information and is very well presented. When I return from Mazatlan, I will share some of my experiences with you via e-mail. Thanks for all you on-line information.

Name: Tracy Muirhead
Location: Surrey, B.C. Canada
Date: Monday, November 23, 1998 at 22:51:11
Just wanted to let you know what a great site you have. Myself and five of my friends travelled to Mazatlan in May of this year. Before we left we all checked out your site and printed off the coupons you had. What a great idea! We didn't have problems using them anywhere! Your site is very informative. Keep up the great work. Thanks again! Tracy Muirhead P.S. We stayed at the EL Cid in the El Moro tower. I kept an eye out for the guy walking the chiauawa on the beach, but I never spotted you or I would have thanked you in person.

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