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A view of the front of the Amigos de los Animales shelter in Mazatlan The Amigos de los Animales has had a turbulent ten plus year history, during which time we have changed our mission statement several times. As of this writing (Jul 2009),

Here is what we do

Here is what we do not do

In truth, we would love to do the things we don't do, but our resources are very finite, and we have to make choices. We used to pick up animals, but we ran our van into the ground and can't afford to replace it. We used to have a veterinarian on the premises, but have found it more cost effective to subcontract the services we need to local vets. Some of the other things we do are related to education. As part of this effort we held a pancake breakfast with Santa during Christmas time, where each child participating could enter a contest to win a bicycle by writing the best essay about how to treat animals. We also send volunteers to various local schools,distributing coloring books that try to teach the little ones how to be kind to animals.

The Amigos de los Animales shelter is located on Libramiento Playas #3, just next door to the OXXO store. Our phone number there is 986-4235. Please don't be upset if we don't answer the phone right away, chances are the guys at the shelter are busy.

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