Whenever Nadine and I travel somewhere, we usually rely on our Garmin Nuvi to get us there. So far we haven't driven into any ditches, but we have had some interesting tours of neighborhoods we would have otherwise never known existed. Once we arrive, I try to save a way point so we can find the place again. As a public service, I'm posting some of the places we've visited here, so you can find them too.

Locations available on this page

Andares Mall [top]
Andares Mall, located at 20.707249,-103.412376, home to PF Changs, Liverpool, Palacio de Hierro, and where you can by a can of tuna for over $200 pesos.
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Costco Gallerias [top]
Costco Gallerias, located at 20.678031, -103.42863, home of great pizza, Gallerias mall across the street, where you'll find Liverpool, Best Buy, Sams Club, Walmart, and an Apple store. Our motto is, if Costco doesn't have it, you don't want it.
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New Costco by Jocotopec [top]
The New Costco, located at 20.579056, -103.449558. Don't be fooled by the vacant lot on the google map, it really is there. In our opinion, this Costco is better than the one at Gallerias. It has more and better stuff. There is a Sam's club a little further up the street too.
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DMV (Where you get your drivers license) [top]
DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) in Guadalajara, located at 20.706440, -103.345849. This is actually the parking lot across the street. Zoom down and to the left on the map and you can see the curved building with the little track inside it. The track is what you have to drive around to get your license. Be sure to stop for the train crossing, and put your hazard lights on before you parallel park.
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Expo Guadalajara (Book fair) [top]
Expo Guadalajara, located at 20.653255, -103.389716. Various events are held here throughout the year, including the annual Book Fair, and several pet expos. Our neighbors bought their chihuahua here in 2011. You can visit their home page to find out what is going on.
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Federal Building (FM2 etc) [top]
The Federal Building, where you go to get your FM3 and FM2 (or whatever they are called these days) documents, located at 20.684297, -103.347546. Actually these co-ordinates are of the parking lot just before the building. The actual building is just to the north, you can't really miss it. You'll need to register before you go in, and then proceed up the elevators and do what we do best in Mexico, wait.
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AXA Insurance [top]
The AXA Insurance agency, parking lot located at 20.679787, -103.393332. This is where we had to go after a bus hit our poor little 97 Mercedes. They were very efficient at giving you a fraction of your money.
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Care Radiology [top]
If you ever need an MRI or cat scan, this is where our doctor sends us, Care Radiology located at 20.677752, -103.376235. There is a parking lot just to the right of the building if you are coming down Gallardo.
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Hospital del Carmen [top]
Well, if you ever need to stay in a real hospital, Hospital Del Carmen located at 20.681134, -103.397824 isn't a bad choice. The place is clean and modern, the nurses are very nice, there is a mall across the street, and if you bring a good doctor, you'll probably get a good result.
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NH Hotel near country club [top]
If any of you want to stay in a nice hotel near the Guadalajara Country Club, you could do a lot worse than to stay at the NH Guadalajara located at 20.700952, -103.377576. This is where our tennis groups stays during the annual Guadalajara Tennis tournament held every February, just as it starts to rain for a week. The rooms are great, the view is wonderful, and you can walk to the courts if you want, or take their complimentary shuttle.
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US Consulate [top]
Should you ever lose our passport, or need to have a document notarized, you'll need to spend most of the day at the US Consulate in Guadalajara, located at 20.673960, -103.367192. Actually, the notarization process was quite efficient, it only took about an hour after arriving.
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The Zoo [top]
Everywhere we went in the world, we always visited the local Zoo, and the one in Guadalajara located at 20.72285, -103.30986 is worth the trip. The animals are well kept, the grounds are extensive, and the view of the canyon at the back is worth the trek.
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If anyone out there has more useful GPS co-ordinates of various places in the area, please feel free to send them to me at nadine.and.henry@pobox.com and I'll include them on this page. Happy Trails!

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