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On Monday September 9, 2019, I received a lesson in how to turn the well pump off and on. I will document the steps here so that all of you can enjoy the experience.
In order to turn the pump off and on, you first have to find the well. The path to the well is just to the right of Gaviotas #7 and just to the left of the red Villa Alta sign. I would say you can't miss it, but you can. Wear good shoes, the path is quite steep.
When you get to the bottom of the stairs you should come face to face with round black thing you see in the photo. That is the cover to the actual well. If you don't see that after you run out of stairs, you are in the wrong place.
Walking past the well and slightly to your right you come upon the front door of the pump house. Note, the lock is put in backwards so you will have to turn the key to the left to unlock it. Also notice the dents in the door. That is the well monster trying to get out. Do not come down here after dark.
If you have successfully evaded the well monster, after opening the door you will see this panel on the right. In the photo the switch is down, which is the off position.
To the left of this panel, directly across from you is another panel, whose switch is also down, in the off position
To turn the pump on, both switches must be up, in the on position. To turn the pump off, either switch should be in of down of off position.

To get the most out of this grand pump experience, it would be helpful if you had a key to the pumphouse. Please see Sylvia, Chris, or Henry to obtain possession of such a rare and valuable item.

Quote of the day:
Physics is like sex; it may give you some practical results, but that's not why we do it.
Richard Feynman

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