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This is Pat. She is the owner and operator of the dog park in San Antonio, where all the cool dogs and their cooler owners hang out. It it open every day except Sundays from 9am until 4pm. Pat is usually there between 10 and 2. Most dogs sleep in and show up between 10 and 10:30. The cost is 40 pesos per day, or 400 pesos per month. You owe it to your dog to check this out, as when they get here, they play, play, play! And we all know a tired dog is a happy dog. Here is Pat's contact info:

Pat Lawrie
166 Ramon Corona, San Antonio
Cell: 333-442-6244
Home: 376-766-4170

Some things you may not know about the park. There are two sections which are completely seperate. Generally one is used for small dogs, and the other for large dogs. That way your chihuahua doesn't have to compete with their doberman. (I'm pretty sure the doberman would lose.) Also, Pat now provides various squeaky dog toys, as well as tennis balls and a ball launcher. Hours of entertainment for the most discerning dog. Also, the park is Wifi enabled, so you can surf and chat while your dog runs and plays (you lazy bastard.)

The park is located almost directly behind Walmart towards the lake. If you are coming from Ajijic, pass Walmart on your right and make the very next right turn, and again the very next right turn. This will put you on Libertad. Follow it to the end, and make a right and park. The dog park will be on your right. There is always plenty of parking. Just click on the map on the right to get a more detailed view. The dog park has it own web site at

Henry Laxen, owner of the Athena amoung others, has written a program so that you can join other dog owners and notify them when you are taking your doggie to the park.

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