You have arrived at Nadine & Henry's Calcudoku solver page, 0 written especially for our friend Bonnie. This page interacts with the website to solve the problems presented there.

If you are interested, the annotated source code is available here. The url you should enter is the stuff that appears after It looks like: en/2012-05-01/4/2 You can also enter the entire url and it will still work. Do whatever is easier. After that, click the submit button and relax, your problem will be solved.

Please let me know at if you have problems.

Enter the data yourself

I have made extensive changes recently (July 21, 2019) to this calcudoku solver. I would greatly appreciate any feedback, especially about things that don't work or are confusing. As far as I know, everything is working. I can parse single, double, and killer puzzles from the website, as well as take input from the "Enter the data yourself" section below.

If you are trying to solve a puzzle that isn't from, you can enter the puzzle data here and get a solution.

To get started, select the size of the puzzle below:
After you select this mode, select a new operator and a new value. Then click on any square in the region whose operator and value you wish to replace. This region will become the current region, and after you click on this square, you will return to the normal toggle cell mode.
The region of the next square that you click on will become the current region. If you click on a square that is not part of an existing region, a new region is started. In this case be sure to enter an operator and a value before clicking on the squre. After you click on this square, you will return to the normal toggle cell mode.
The squares you click on will be removed from their regions and placed back into the pool of available squares.
This is the normal mode. When you click on a square it is added to the current region. If the square is already a member of the current region, it is removed.

Events are logged here in case of problems
Please copy and paste them to Henry if something isn't working


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