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Miguel Garcia Ceballos, born in 1945, was a auto-didactic, and was not influenced by any school or training. The work he did was foremost Mexican primitive painter and sophisticated. One is amazed by the serene joy and happiness radiation from his beautiful colors. There is luminosity and brush of humor in paintings, reflecting his unique quality of his own style and studies of folklore. Exhibition: Miguel had more than eighty one many shows in 1973 in major galleries. Here are just a few places where he exhibited: Mexico, USA, Benzuela, Switzerland, and Holland. He was promoted mainly by De Ligny Art Galleries from Fort Lauderdale Florida and New York Art Expo. Ceballos represented Mexico twice at the International exhibition of Modern Primitive Art (Naif) in Switzerland, held at Gallery Pro Arte Kasper. Miguel held the individual exhibitions at the following acclaimed museums: Museo de Arte Contemporanceo, Caraca, Venezuella, Museo de Monterey, Monterey, Museo de la Cuidad de Mexico City.

We learned about Miguel Caballos in 1992, when we attended a one man show of his at the Mazatlan Art Gallery. We walked in and fell in love with Skycatcher, which is not for sale.

Adam and Eve
Size of canvas60in x 70in Purchased fromMazatlan Art Gallery
Signed atLower Left/Center ConditionExcellent
Price$18,000 MediumAcrylic on Canvas

Cat And The Butterfly
Size of canvas31in x 21.5in Purchased fromMazatlan Art Gallery
Signed atLower Right ConditionExcellent
Price$5000 USD MediumOil on Canvas

Size of canvas31in x 38.5in Purchased fromMazatlan Art Gallery
Signed atLower right ConditionExcellent
Price$8000 USD MediumAcrylic on Canvas

Noah's Ark
Size of canvas60cm x 70cm Purchased fromMazatlan Art Gallery
Signed atLower left ConditionExcellent
Price$6000 USD MediumAcrylic on Canvas

If you are interested in any of these paintings, please contact me at I pride myself on my reputation for honesty, as attested by my ebay profile and I can also provide the names and numbers of previous customers with whom I have dealt directly. Thanks for looking.

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