Venus is Belle's sister and littermate, and became available when Freda Byard, our breeder, decided that she was just to small to have puppies. Belle was always wanting Gatita to play with her, but Gatita would have none of it, so we thought perhaps Venus would be a good companion for Belle. Well, it turned out better than we expected, as they are now inseparable and love to romp around and house and take naps together.

When we first got Venus, she was very shy and timid, but recently (July 2001) she is coming out and much more confident. We couldd't be happier with her, and in fact next to snuggling with Nadine, snuggling with the doggies is the best thing in life.

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Yes, I'm beautiful. I know it but I'm not conceited. It's hard to believe, but here is our baby Venus at only four weeks old. You can already tell thought that she was aptly named, for she is on her way to becoming a beauty. Well, let's think this over. Should I go run after Belle, growling and pretending I'm vicious, or maybe go over to Nadine and sit on her lap, or perhaps find a sunny spot and take a nap, or maybe go over to Henry and lick his ears. Life is just so full of tough decisions.

Quote of the day:
Never stand between a dog and the hydrant.
John Peers

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