So when did my love affair with jewelry begin?

I would say right about the time this picture was taken. That would be in 1954, just before I popped out and ask my mom if I could wear her earrings.

While in our late teens my mother took my sister and me to a high end jewelry store while in Mexico on vacation. She handed us each around around $50.00 and said "buy what ever you want." This was back in 1970. I don't remember what my sister bought but I bought a ring that has a stone called alexandrite. It wasn't until around three years ago that I was researching gems that I discovered that the gem I picked as a teenager was a very good buy! All I knew was I love the way the stone played with the light. I thought my sister was so much smarter to pick a well known gem. It wasn't until this year that I went into my safe and looked to see if I still had the ring from all those years ago. To my great surprise and delight I did! It still is a wonderful stone and ring! The ring is made of 10k gold this was very typical of the times. The stone is square and around three carts. This ring with my mothers direction all those years ago sparked my passion for colored gems.

After I married Henry, we used to go to drug seizure auctions in order to buy the jewelry, just to break them up. The prices were really inexpensive and I didn't care what the jewelry looked like. The only problem was I would be thrilled when the piece was finished, and couldn't wait until I could make another one. I never really cared about wearing the jewelry. I just loved the process of designing and seeing it completed. Now I am importing my own gems and have started to sell my designs.

Some of my current collection

Aegaeon, the god of Sea Storms Aeolus, the God of the Winds
Alectrona, the Goddess of the Morning and Waking Up Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Desire
Bia, the spirit of Force, Power and Bodily Strength Caerus, the spirit of Opportunity
Calliope, the Muse of Epic Poetry Carmanor, the Cretan Harvest God
Clio, the Muse of History Coeus, the Titan of Intellect
Eirene, the goddess of Peace Ekecheiria, the Spirit of Truce and Armistice
Eleos, the Spirit of Mercy, Pity, and Compassion Elpis, the spirit of Hope and Expectation
Epiphron, the spirit of Prudence, Shrewdness, and Thoughtfulness Erato, the Muse of Erotic Poetry
Erebos, the God of Darkness and Shadgow Euterpe, the Muse of lyric Poetry
Gelos, the Spirit of Laughter Hemera, the Primeval Goddess of Daylight and the Sun
Homonoia, the spirt of Concord, Unanimity, and Oneness of Mind Hyperion, the Titan of Light
Iapetus, the Titan of Mortality Lethe, the spirit of Forgetfulness and Oblivion
Melpomene, the Muse of tragedy Mneme, the Muse of Memory
Nyx, the Goddess of the Night Ophion, an Elder Titan
Pantariste, an Amazon who fought against Heracles Peitho, the sperit of Persuasion and Seduction
Penthesilea, a queen of the Amazons who fought on the side of Troy Persephone, Queen of the Underworld
Polyhymnia, the Muse of Sacred Poetry Pontus, the God of the Sea, and Father of the Fish
Terpsichore, the Muse of Dance and Choral Poetry Thelxione, the Muse that Charms Minds
Thetis, the Leader of the Sea Nymphs Zephyrus, God of the West Wind

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