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This is a brief introduction to the game I call So They Say It is quite fun to play, and this program should run on any device that has a web browser. (IPhone, Android, Laptop, etc.) It is similar to Balderdash if you have every played that. It involves completing a phrase that you have probably never heard before. For each partial phrase you are shown, you should complete the phrase and send your completion back to the server. After all the completions are received, they are randomized and sent back out to the players along with the "correct" completion. You score points by either voting for the "correct" completion or having other people vote for what you wrote down as your "completion."

You will need to contact the other people you want to play with on your own, (Email, telephone, messaging app) and tell them to go to the URL you see above. Once everyone is there, one of you can press the Start Game button and proceed to play. The reason I ask you to log in is so that I can keep track of which phrases you have already seen. That way, you will never see a phrase you have seen before, at least not for the next twenty thousand phrases. More detailed help is available by clicking on the Help button above. Have Fun!