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bé for dessert. Try to get my favorite waiter, Jesus
(Hey-Soos). He provides a special show while
preparing a flambé. Reservations at the restau-
rant next to Valentino's are suggested, especially
in the high season. Telephone them at 984-1616
or 984-1777.
Sr. Pepper: A steakhouse on Camarón Sábalo,
across the street from The Faro Hotel near
Marina El Cid. This casual name is deceptive, as the fixtures are of gleaming
wood and brass. The classy atmosphere is punctuated with waiters in tuxedos.
As you enter the restaurant, you pass a patio where a large mesquite grill pre-
pares the house specialty--great cuts of beef from the state of Sonora. Lobster,
pork, and shrimp are the other choices on the brief menu. The restaurant is open
from 6 p.m. to midnight and reservations are suggested by calling 914-0101.
La Cordeliere at Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay: Is in the newest Pueblo Bonito
complex north of the end of the bus line and past the Aqua Park. Like Sheik,
Emerald Bay is elegant, but in a beautiful white, Spanish plantation décor.
They have both indoor and outdoor seating. The menu is wide-ranging and
includes Mexican dishes, poultry, beef, seafood and pasta. The tortilla soup was
delicious and coconut shrimp were not only served in large portions, but also
tasty, with a delightfully flavorful sauce. Desserts are mostly pastry, and delec-
table. All the dishes were very attractively presented.
Due to the security system for the grounds, reservations are required at least
24 hours in advance. If your name is not on the "pass" list of the gate guard you
will not be allowed to enter. I showed up without notice and was told to come
back when I had been approved. For reservations call 989-0525.
Angelo's: Italian food is the specialty at Angelo's. Elegance best describes the
surroundings with rich, cushy chairs, chandeliers, and candlelit tables. An out-
standing singer entertains almost nightly. The hot oven rolls that are baked in
butter are a nice surprise. The pasta dishes are all tasty and in large portions.
The restaurant is on the street side, and connected to Pueblo Bonito Mazatlán
Hotel on Camarón Sábalo.
The Papagayo: Most of the restaurants in Mazatlán have something unique
to attract the visitors. It may have a view of the sunset, a place for people
watching, ambience, beautiful decor, great service, delicious food, wonderful
music, or reasonable prices. The Papagayo is the only place in Mazatlán I know
that has them all.
Sheik Restaurant
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