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Mazatlán Jungle Tour: This is a combined tour. It includes an hour and
one-half harbor tour, a foray into a mangrove swamp, and three hours on
Stone Island. There you can rent a horse, roam the beach, swim, or just enjoy
a cold drink and a grilled seafood lunch. Tours depart at 9:30 a.m. and cost
about $30 U.S. Call 914-2400 for reservations and pick-up time.
Catamaran Renegado: It's another water cruise and a visit to Stone Island.
They have two choices: The regular six-hour tour price includes round-trip
pick up from your hotel, lunch, all day beverages, and boat tour for $25 U.S.
per person. The activities tour includes all of the regular tour, plus activities
like horseback riding, sightseeing from a horse drawn cart, and banana boat
ride for $30 U.S. per person. The telephone number is 914-2477, and email
address is
Social Groups
Are you looking for some groupies? It is not hard to find social activi-
ties/meetings to visit in Mazatlán. Most groups have permanent members, but
they all welcome tourist visitors. They all seem to have one thing in common:
To improve the lives of the people and animals and learn more about
Hands Across the Border: A group of Gringo residents, snowbirds and
tourists meet on the second Friday of every month at 9:00 a.m. at the Inn at
Mazatlán. They have no formal charter, but usually enjoy a breakfast and a
guest speaker about something of interest in Mazatlán. Each year they have a
dinner, show and auction at the Spectaculare amphitheater on Camarón Sábalo
in the Golden Zone. Whatever money is earned from the meetings, collections,
sales and charity events goes toward various needy causes throughout the city.
Friends of Mexico: This is a group of North Americans that have a charter,
and meet for the purpose of helping foreigners and poor Mexicans live better
in Mazatlán. They meet every second Tuesday of the month at the Pueblito
Restaurant on Camarón Sábalo, across the street from the El Quijote Hotel in
the Golden Zone. Social hour begins at 9:00 a.m. and the regular meeting at
10:00 a.m. Each month they are brought up to date on issues of concern for
residents of the city. Annual membership is available but guests are welcome.
Programs for socializing, Spanish classes, orientation classes, and a directory of
services are provided annually.
Money raised through dues, collections and fund-raising activities is spent
for needy citizens of Mazatlán. Last year, the Friends of Mexico provided 64
elementary students with uniforms, books and other school supplies. Help in
various forms is provided to local school children. The organization will also
set up Trusts and Endowments. Visit their website at
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