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My wife Katherine and I first arrived in Mazatlán during spring break in 1985
and immediately fell in love with the city. We purchased a timeshare at The
Inn at Mazatlán. We returned to our timeshare for two weeks every year until
1998 when we bought a home in the El Dorado neighborhood near Mr. Ace
My purpose in writing this book is to encourage others to enjoy the beauty
and pleasure of Mazatlán. By providing a wide range of information, I hope to
help not only first-time visitors, but also permanent residents, to enjoy their
stay in this beautiful city. Most of my recommendations are based on first-
hand experience. Exceptions are noted, and contributors are appropriately rec-
ognized. In any book involving recommendations, please realize that age and
personal tastes of the author may be biased. My children and several grand-
children have visited Mazatlán over the years and they have provided input
from the younger set. Many of the businesses and services in Mazatlán are
exceptional, but it would be impossible to experience all of them. I apologize
in advance for slighting any excellent businesses and services that I failed to
visit and mention.
There have been outstanding books written about Mazatlán in the past,
most notably, "Mazatlán Inside Out," by Ray Damerell, and "Mazatlán
Connection," by Tom Reaney. I recognize that businesses come and go rapidly
in any city the size of Mazatlán. Changes are a natural part of progress and
This book is published electronically, which means that it is printed only
when someone orders it via the Internet. It is called print-on-demand. The
advantage to electronic publishing is that I can have new information added or
dated information deleted whenever I feel it necessary, thus providing contin-
uous, up-to-date facts. This is an update of the book published in 2003. There
are numerous additions and deletions.
All profit from book sales will be donated to my favorite charity, The
Vineyard Church in Mazatlán, and to Henry Laxen's favorite charity, Amigos de
Los Animales
, the Humane Society of Mazatlán.