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Ole Tours: This tour company is owned and operated by Wendy Osuna,
Canadian Consul for Mazatlán, and her husband, Juan Osuna. This all inclu-
sive tour management company provides everything from city and country
tours to fishing and Mexican Fiesta. They have tours to Rosário ($36.50 U.S.),
Copala ($36.50 U.S.), El Quelite ($36.50 U.S.), and Jungle tour ($34.50 U.S.)--
With tour guide, transportation and lunch provided. They offer a three-hour
city tour for $16 U.S. You can enjoy a day trip to Stone Island with an open bar
and lunch for $34.50 U.S. Enjoy a day sailing on a Trimaran with snorkeling
and kayaking. Lunch and open bar are included for $36.50 U.S. Their office is
located on Camarón Sábalo, behind the Tommy Supermarket across from El
Resort's, El Moro tower, and about 200 meters north. Telephone them at
Marlin Tours: They have tour packages: City tour of Mazatlán, lasting
three hours and costing approximately $18 U.S. per person. A Country tour
to Copala and Concordia lasts six hours and costs $32 U.S. per person. A
tropical adventure tour to Rosario and Teacapan takes seven hours and costs
$35 U.S. per person. A Pueblo Querido tour to Lanoria and a Tequila factory
for five hours costs $28 U.S. They are located at Camarón Sábalo #1504,
across the street from Pueblo Bonito Mazatlán. Contact them via the tele-
phone at 913-5301, or email Visit their website at
Vista Tours: Is located at Camarón Sábalo, next to Blockbuster Video in the
Golden Zone. Their telephone number is 986-8610, and you can visit their
website at They have the same general tours as
Marlin tours, plus:
Mexcalitan Aztec Island Tour: You will visit the town of Santiago Ixcuintla
after a ride on a boat and find an island in the middle of two islands. The tour
lasts 11 hours and costs approximately $80 U.S.
Culiacan Tour: This is a ten-hour bus tour to Culiacan, the capital of the
state of Sinaloa. You can ride through the farm country, then visit the bustling
city that has government buildings, market, churches and museums. The tour
costs approximately $80 U.S. for adults and $56 U.S. for children.
Cosala Colonial Jewel Tour: This village is located within the state of
Sinaloa among lakes and mountains. A colonial looking village with hand-
made cobblestone streets, neo-classic buildings and museums. This is a nine-
hour tour and costs approximately $50 U.S.
Las Misiones Tour: This is a seven-hour tour to the Missions of San Ignacio,
San Javier and Cabazan. The villages are located next to the Piaxtla River,
where there were many gold mines in the 1600s. There are many scary legends
Char les A. Hall