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Malecón: Your stroll on the Malecón will start with a bus ride on the Sábalo
Centro bus from the tourist zones, heading south. Tell the driver to let you off
at Fisherman's Monument. This monu-
ment has experienced a great deal of noto-
riety. After recovering from shock, head
south to the Thirty-first of March Fort,
which was built to repel the French
invaders in 1868. The Continuity of Life
Monument, a fountain erected in 1993, is
next. It is a naked man and woman poised
on a snail shell, which stands for continuity
in the Aztec culture. There are 13 dolphins
that represent intelligence.
You will next arrive at the diving tower,
and if you are lucky, divers will be perform-
ing. Across the street is Ice Box Hill (Cerro
de Neveria
). In the late 19
century, ice was
shipped from San Francisco, stored in a cave and used to keep the city's fish
fresh. During the Mexican Revolution, dynamite was stored there. On the red
wrought iron gate is a sign marked "Cueva Diablo," which means Devil's Cave.
Cross the street again and you'll encounter the Women of Mazatlán
Monument. The state of Sinaloa is famous in Mexico for its beautiful women,
because so many locals have won the "Miss Mexico" title.
A short distance south is the Deer Monument, a tribute to the pre-con-
quistador ancient history. Mazatlán is "The Place of the Deer," in Nahuatl, so
the statue is "our" symbol. Now you can
stroll over to one of the Olas Altas Cafés
for a cool drink, and wait to catch a bus
ride back to the tourist zone via the
El Cid and El Dorado residential dis-
tricts: If you enjoy looking at beautiful
homes, walk along Camarón Sábalo
until you get to Gabriel Ruiz, which is
across the street from the Inn at
Mazatlán. Walk along the boulevard or
take the side streets. Mexican profession-
als own most of the homes in this neighborhood.
If you would like to see where many Americans live, walk up Camarón
Sábalo to the El Cid towers and take the road heading east. You will pass a white
Home in El Cid
M a z a t l a n I S P a r a d i s e