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Parasailing: If you like being drug around in the air by a
speeding boat, this trip is for you. You'll see all the colorful
parachutes along the beaches in the Golden Zone. Getting up
in the air is easy, and handsome young Mexican men will give
you a crash course in not crashing on landing. The cost of the
ten-minute ride is about $25-30 U.S., but price is usually
Banana boat ride: If riding an air filled plastic log at high speeds is your
thing, banana boats are your answer. They are available near Costa de Oro
Hotel and El Cid, El Moro towers. The cost is $6-8 U.S. per person.
Kayaks: Are available at various locations on the beach in the tourist zones.
Rental is $10 U.S. per hour for a single and $20 U.S. per hour for double.
Jet skis: Uneven water makes jet skiing even more fun than on your home
lake. They are available at several hotels in the tourist zones and run about
$35-$50 U.S. per half-hour and $60 U.S. if you want to ride double. Thirty
minutes doesn't seem long; but believe me, after one-half hour of bouncing
around on the waves, you'll be ready to get your land legs again.
Scuba diving and snorkeling: A nice scuba diving area is just off Deer
Island. Diving gear can be rented at El Cid, Los
, or The Faro Hotels. Snorkeling is available at
El Cid for $16 U.S. for gear rental and a ride to and
from Deer Island. The scuba diving fee is between
$50-$60 U.S. for equipment, transportation to Deer
Island and instructions.
Snorkeling off Deer Island can be dangerous because the water on the sur-
face is sometimes murky. In fact, one year I went during April and the water
was so cloudy I didn't see the coral reef and skinned my knee badly.
Hobie Cat: Three person catamaran-style sailboats are available along the
beach. You can rent them for about $20-30 U.S. per hour, or
you can ask the renter to sail it for you, but then it only car-
ries two passengers. If you elect to use the "sailor," a tip is
Mazagua Water Park: This water park is four acres of
everything from wading pools to a 100-foot long water
slide. It has fun for everyone with the same price for all--
about $8 U.S. Infants three and under can toddle in for
nothing. It is located out near the end of the bus line. Get
off at the traffic circle and walk about 100 meters on the
road to Playa Cerritos. They are open from 10:00 a.m. to
Hobie Cat
M a z a t l a n I S P a r a d i s e