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frames, ceramic planters, and marble figures--but you get the idea. If you saw
something in another store, and can explain it to them, they can have it for you
in about 24 hours. Tell them you found out about their shops by reading this
book and they will give you a special discount.
Be cautious when buying silver jewelry. Sometimes when you think you are
getting a fabulous deal on silver, you may be buying a silver-coated item. They
are nice pieces of jewelry, but if you are interested in sterling silver, look for the
numbers "925" on the back of the item. Take along one of those refrigerator
magnets and place it next to the jewelry. If they connect, you know it is not
Fabricas de Francia: Has large elegant department stores in the Gran Plaza
Mall and downtown near the Cathedral. It is Mexico's answer to Nordstrom's
and Macy's. They sell everything from clothing to home appliances and furni-
Designer's Bazaar: It is located in the Golden Zone at Playa Gaviotas #217,
next to Hotel Tropicana. It stands out among gift shops because of the quality,
uniqueness and variety of its offerings. There are two floors of hand crafted
items, from inexpensive pottery and jewelry to original paintings and hand
made rugs. Attractive resort clothing is also available. The owners, Roberta and
Luis, travel the country to hand select items from small, family operated arti-
san businesses. The quality is wonderful; the prices are very reasonable. All
prices are marked and there is no bargaining here. They are open from 10 a.m.
to 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Telephone them at 983-6039.
Water Fun
Long beaches of beautiful sand and warm blue water offer many hours of
water fun. All the beaches in Mazatlán are federal property up to the high tide
lines, and are public. Be cautious of undertows and swim only near a lifeguard
and with someone else that can swim. Very few resorts offer year-round life-
guards. Also be on the lookout for jellyfish. They look like large pieces of clear
jello. Avoid them, as the sting is quite painful. If one actually stings you,
Noxzema or vinegar will stop the pain. While I have never tried it, I'm told
applying human urine also stops the burning. Be aware however, that there is
a law against urinating in public in Mazatlán.
Boogie boards: They can usually be rented on the beach near most resorts.
They run from $3-5 U.S. an hour, but price is negotiable.
Char les A. Hall