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Some stores in the Golden Zone and the Central Market are all very nice and
offer values, but I do not recommend shopping there on Wednesday or
Thursday, or any other day in which cruise ships are in port. Negotiating prices
are difficult because the "cruisers" are generally in a hurry and do not negotiate.
The shopkeepers love those customers with the little paper tags identifying the
ship they arrived on. Mazatlán is usually the last stop before returning to Los
Angeles. Since prices are generally higher in Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco, what-
ever the price Mazatlán merchants charge looks like a bargain by comparison.
Mazatlán's gift shops stock a huge amount of handicrafts from all over the
country. There are many shops that sell like items, so comparison-shopping is
quite easy. Many of the shop owners buy their merchandise from the same sup-
plier, so the quality is the same. As previously mentioned, the advice I give you
is based on personal experience. I'm sure others have acquired good quality
merchandise from other merchants. But many of you will be in Mazatlán for a
short period of time, and want to know where to get a good deal. I suggest that
for the first day or two you wander around with a notebook, noting items you're
interested in and jotting down cost and store location. Then take your notes to
the following shops owned and operated by the Miranda brothers:
Here is Paco: Is located across from Subway on Avenida Camarón Sábalo in
the Golden Zone. He has quality silver and the best value in gold jewelry. For
gold jewelry, I suggest you stop by the shop in the evening when Paco is there.
I have purchased from him and had the pieces appraised in the States at 100%
or more above price paid. He also has a huge selection of giftware.
Shark's Den #1: It is on Camarón Sábalo, near Massimo Clothing store and
close to Sr. Frog's retail store, near the Dairy Queen corner.
Shark's Den #2: It is located across from Balboa Country Club on Camarón
Sábalo in the Golden Zone.
Bloomingdale's: Is near Paco's on Camarón Sábalo across from Subway and
Kmart: Right next door to Bloomingdale's on Camarón Sábalo.
All of the above stores are owned and operated by the Miranda brothers
who have been in business for 20 years. As I mentioned above, most shop own-
ers buy from the same distributors and their merchandise comes from
Mazatlán, Tonala, Guadalajara, Dolores Hidalgo, Teotiguacan, and Quiroga.
Their merchandise includes, but is not limited to T-shirts, blouses, hats,
leather belts, sandals, hammocks, pottery, silver, gold, paper mache animals,
bathroom sinks, ceramic patio and garden ornaments, patio lamp ornaments,
chess sets, fountains, telleverra, glassware, pewter, sunglasses, Mayan masks,
ceramic vegetables, clay wall ornaments, crucifixes, colorful lamps, animal
models, metal mirrors, lamps, wall hangers, water pitchers, pewter picture
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