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prised. There is a restaurant on the grounds, but we chose to walk a block to
Mr. Steak, and had the best steak I have ever eaten.
We were stopped twice along the way by checkpoints. The first time they
motioned me to an auto checkpoint and the guard looked at the sticker on my
car and waved me on. At the border of Sinaloa, the man asked me if I had any
plants or fruit, and when I replied in the negative, he waved me on.
About 80 miles south of Obregon we stopped at a Best Western motel and
had breakfast. They have an exquisite buffet and also serve excellent American
About half way between Navojoa and Los Mochis, the road got flatter,
straighter, and had less traffic. The speed limit was posted 110 km per hour. I
set my cruise control on 70 mph and still had several cars pass me. From there
to Mazatlán, the scenery literally whizzed by on both sides of the car.
If you are starting from Texas, chances are your trip will take you through
Durango. The roads from Texas to Durango are straight and fast. The drive
from Durango to Mazatlán will take you about seven hours because of the nar-
row, poorly maintained, and winding mountain road. The road was being re-
worked but construction was halted for a short time due to a lack of funding.
Construction began shortly thereafter, but my guess is that it will take years for
the project to be completed.
Regardless of which way you travel to Mazatlán, sit back and enjoy the trip.
In fact, you may consider trying all of them!
M a z a t l a n I S P a r a d i s e