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will assume you are rich. It should cost you no more than $4.50 U.S. to ride to
the Golden Zone. You will get even better prices for Mexican goods, because
shop keepers along Gaviotis in the Golden Zone and downtown charge higher
prices to the cruise line passengers, identified by the little tag on their shirt.
Better yet, tell the driver to take you to "Here is Paco" gift shop, across from
Subway on Camarón Sábalo in the Golden Zone. If you bring your copy of this
book he'll give you an even bigger discount.
If you take a ship-sponsored tour of the city or shopping trip, walk at least
one-half block from where you are dropped. Some tour guides get a kickback
from sales made at the places taken. Guess who pays the tour guide? Just ask
the tour guide how much time you have to shop, then wander off and do your
shopping, knowing that you will get the best price possible by negotiating on
your own.
I have been asked several times what I would do if I had one day in the port
of Mazatlán. It depends on personal preferences. If you are into the "Herd
mentality" or just prefer having skilled tour guides enhance the experience
with good information, go on a shore excursion tour.
That said, if you would like a taste of the countryside, take the Sierra Madre
tour. It is usually 7-9 hours in length, and an air conditioned bus will take you
to the centuries-old village of Concordia where you can actually see bricks,
tiles, and furniture being manufactured, You will be amazed with the ancient
tools used and the beautiful artistry of the finished products. While there visit
the cathedral and park. You will then go further into the Sierra Madres and
stop at a little silver mining town called Copala. While a few American and
Canadians live there, this village will take you back into time. Don't miss visit-
ing the recently repaired church. Oh yes, no one leaves Copala without partak-
ing of Daniel's world famous coconut crčme pie.
Most ships provide a shore excursion called something like, "Old Mazatlán
Walking Tour." You will be guided through the narrow streets where you can
visit the old Angela Peralta Theater, cathedral, central market, and a couple
museums. You should learn a great deal about the history of Mazatlán. They
will take you to the Golden Zone for shopping, but beware--the place they
drop you will be where all the cruise ships send shore excursion--and the
prices are higher. I suggest that you stay in the downtown area and have lunch
at one of the sidewalk cafes, then wave down a Pulmonia driver and tell him to
take you to "Here is Paco," gift shop.
All you really need is a map of Mazatlán and a sense of adventure and you
can save some money to be used for additional shopping. When you exit the
cruise ship, flag down a Pulmonia and tell him to take you to the street called
A. Serdan where the central market is located. Then follow the simple direc-
Char les A. Hall