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Deluxe buses to and from border cities include TAP and Elite. There are at
least two departures a day from Tijuana to the main terminal in Mazatlán.
One-way fare is about $64 U.S. Driving time is between 26-28 hours. TAP is
the bus line of choice for the discerning traveler. Phoenix to Mazatlán one-way
costs about $96 U.S. and takes about 20 hours. The cost from Laredo, TX is $75
U.S. Since bus schedules change as often as airline schedules, I suggest you call
and get the exact schedule. You can telephone TAP within Mexico at 01-800-
00-11 or in Mazatlán at 981-46-59. Call Elite in Mazatlán at 981-3811. There
are other bus companies both in the terminal and at other locations, but these
two seem to be the major deluxe services to the border.
Here are some other bus lines to try:
Crucero (602) 269-0500
Transportes del Norte 981-2335
Transportes del Pacifico 982-0577
Estrellas del Pacifico 984-2817
Remember to prefix these numbers with 011-52-669 if you are dialing from
the USA or Canada. For daily bus schedules try Henry Laxen's site at
Train: I've heard that plans are underway to resume passenger service, but
at this point there isn't any.
Ferry: The ferry to LaPaz leaves at 3 a.m. and crossing time is about 19
hours. One-way fare is from $63 U.S. for salon (a seat only), up to $108 U.S.
for first-class cabin. I believe meals are included in first class. Fare with auto is
$185 U.S. and up, depending on the size of the vehicle, with meals included.
Fares and schedules change rapidly so I suggest you call for information and
reservations at 001-880-718-27-96 from within Mexico. The telephone num-
ber for the Mazatlán office at the ferry terminal is 985-0470. The website is
Cruise Ships: Approximately 200 cruise ships stop in Mazatlán for about 8-
10 hours a day each year. Mexican produced goods are much cheaper in
Mazatlán than other Mexican Riviera stops such as Puerto Vallarta and
Acapulco. Another way of saving money is instead of taking a city tour or shop-
ping tour package through the cruise line, take one of the many taxis or
Pulmonias waiting at the dock. Tell the driver that you want to shop where the
cruise line passengers are not taken, which is in the Golden Zone on Camarón
. Make sure you negotiate the price before you get in, since the drivers
M a z a t l a n I S P a r a d i s e