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Getting there
Air. To get to Mazatlán from the USA, your choice of originating cities is lim-
ited. There are charters during the winter with direct flights from Minneapolis
and Denver, as well as Salt Lake City and Oakland. Regularly scheduled flights
on American carriers include Alaska Air from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and
Seattle; Continental out of Houston; or America West from Phoenix. There is
a daily one-stop flight from Dallas with American Airlines that stops in
Guadalajara. The only other airlines with regularly scheduled flights into
Mazatlán are Mexicana, Aeromexico, Frontier, and Aero California.
Frontier Airlines flies between Denver and Mazatlán, while charter flights
operate from both Denver and Dallas-Ft. Worth during the tourist season.
Aeromexico operates flights between San Diego and Mazatlán, and Vancouver,
Canada and Mazatlán.
For ticketing assistance, call the airlines direct at:
Alaska 001-880 426-0333
Aeromexico 001-880 237-6639
Mexicana 001-880 531-7921
America West 001-880 235-9292
Continental 001-880 523-3273
Aero California 001-880 237-6225
American 001-880 433-7300
Bus: Buses in Mexico are not like those you've seen in the movies. They are
not overloaded with passengers, baggage, and crates of chickens while spout-
ing thick clouds of smoke from their exhausts. No, they are modern, luxurious
and comfortable. They have clean bathrooms, a sound system, and current
movies (in English with Spanish subtitles). They are definitely fast, as I always
exceed the speed limit by five miles per hour and all the buses pass me.