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home or hotel room. She has reasonable rates. For an appointment call her cell
phone 044 669 912-6456 during the day or 983-8350 in the evening.
Massage: If I haven't convinced you to extend your vacation, at least treat
yourself to a body massage the day you leave for home. My favorite is MYO
Massage for Life,
which is located on Camarón Sábalo, behind the Juice Bar,
and across the street from Costa de Oro Hotel. They are open seven days a week
from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. They have well-qualified massage therapists that can
work out those "kinks."
Get a copy of the Pacific Pearl newspaper and cut out the coupon and save
$5 U.S. I don't think you can get a massage in Canada or the U.S. for $30. If
you plan on a massage the last day, call 912-1650 a day or two in advance and
make an appointment so you won't be disappointed.
For those of you staying in the downtown area, try the Royal Spa. Located
at Mariano Escobedo #320, on the corner of Bellisario Dominguez. Knute Berry
has massage therapists that will provide either a 10 or 20 finger body massage
for a half-hour to two and half-hours. Regular price for a one-hour body mas-
sage is $30 U.S., but they always have specials that are much cheaper. Call them
at 982-1111 to ask for a special price and an appointment.
Another fine place for a massage is Mazatlán Book and Coffee Company. It
is the only place in town I know of where they not only provide an excellent
massage, but you can get a great cup of coffee while enjoying a good book. Call
916-7899 for an appointment, but they accept walk-ins.
This is a must in Mazatlán. It will help you wind down from your vacation
and inspire you to get yourself ready for the "old grind."
M a z a t l a n I S P a r a d i s e