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from the refrigerator and cupboards. The young children at the supermarkets
who bag groceries typically receive 2 or 3 pesos--as they do not receive a salary.
Give them $1 U.S. if they carry your groceries to your car or taxi.
That guy in the "make-shift" uniform standing in the parking lot at the mall
does not usually receive pay. Be sure and give him a couple pesos for watching
your vehicle. Delivery people should also be tipped. In general, I always try to
be an ambassador of the richest nation in the world and show my thanks for
the service I receive.
During my first visit to Mazatlán, and before the changeover in currency, I
inadvertently gave a waiter a $20 U.S. tip for a $10 U.S. meal. Since then, I
always carry single dollar bills with me in case I get confused with the foreign
Beggars: I think on a per capita basis, Mazatlán has as many beggars on the
street as any third-world country. You will see many smallish mothers with lit-
tle babies cradled in their lap, holding out a Styrofoam cup. These are Mexican
Indians from the Mayo and Yoreme tribes. They will ask you for a donation and
you can put a coin in the cup, or shake your head and move on. They will not
follow you. There is word that the beggars live in good sections of town, and
even rent children to help them. I've never been able to confirm the rumors. I
usually pick out a different lady each day and give her a donation, and shake
my head to the others.
Chiclets: The same beggar women have older children that run around the
beach and streets trying to sell small packages of Chiclets. Some may be a lit-
tle more difficult to discourage, but the Chiclets are not bad.
Extend your vacation: I know you will have so much fun that you will con-
sider staying in paradise longer. You should confirm your airline reservations
a day before scheduled departure. The following telephone numbers are pro-
vided for your convenience:
Mazatlán airport
Aero California
America West
Pamper yourself: Christina provides unisex haircuts, styles, coloring,
streaking, permanents, facials, manicures, and pedicures. She will go to your
Char les A. Hall