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Internet connections: Internet houses are going up as fast as gift shops in
Mazatlán. There are numerous cyber shops in the tourist zone as well as the
downtown area. A couple of them come to mind:
Cyber Café: This is my personal favorite and is located in the mini mall
across the street and north of Domino's Pizza. The address is Camarón Sábalo
#204, Suite 9. A couple friendly young English-speaking people are there to
help you get connected. There are 10 workstations that are connected to a
color printer and it costs $.30 U.S. per printed page. Operating hours are from
9 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on
Sunday. If they don't offer you free coffee or Coke, ask for it. They have mem-
bership cards, which provide 10 hours of computing for $25 U.S. Their phone
number is 914-0008, and email address is cybercafe@Mazatlá
Cyberworld Café: They are located a block east of the Hotel Playa Mazatlán
in the Golden Zone. The address is Bugamvilias #100, Suite 12. Operating
hours are from 8:30 a.m. until 9:30 p.m. every day. There are nine worksta-
tions, and the cost is $.20 U.S. for one-half hour, $.30 U.S. per hour and $.10
U.S. for 10 minutes or less. Twenty cents will get you a black and white print-
ed page and $.50 U.S. will get you a color-printed page. Snacks, soft drinks, and
coffee are available, but must be purchased. The email address is
Art & Web. Com: The owners speak fluent English and are very helpful and
friendly. They are located one-half block off Olas Altas at Sixto Osuna #115,
between the Mazatlán Reading Library and the Archeological Museum.
Computer use is about $1 U.S. per hour and $.15 U.S. per black and white
printed page.
Food delivery: Many restaurants have a delivery service. Before ordering, I
suggest you contact the front desk of your hotel for the policy for delivery.
Some allow delivery to your front door, while others require you to have it
delivered in the lobby. Be sure to give him/her a tip.
Tipping: Speaking of tipping, everyone always has questions about tipping
in Mazatlán. Keep in mind that most of the people who provide services only
receive wages of four or five U.S. dollars a day. Your tips allow them to make a
living wage. At restaurants, I tip 15-20% depending on the service. For buffets,
I tip seven to ten percent. Some restaurants put the 15% tip on the bill so
unless you want to really be generous, check your bill.
I always tip someone when I ask them to do a special service, such as mov-
ing lounge chairs and umbrellas. I usually give the gas station attendant a cou-
ple pesos for a fill-up. Maid service is as good as you get anywhere and I always
tip a buck and a half a day, and just leave the cash on the kitchen counter just
before check-out. The maids always appreciate the leftover food and drinks
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