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Grocery: Mini-markets, called "Supera," are located all
over the city. Some hotels even have stores that sell groceries
and sundries. If you need more than just a few soft drinks,
beer and chips, I suggest going to supermarkets such as
Gigante, Soriana's, Mega, Plaza Ley or Wal-Mart. The prices
are about the same. If you are a member of Sam's Club in the
States and are staying more than a week, I recommend you
stop there.
Calling home: I've never been able to figure out why any-
one would travel all the way to Mexico, then call home...but here is the infor-
mation if you are so inclined. Dialing direct to the States is expensive, but can
be done with any telephone in the hotels. For the best rates, bill the call to a
calling card. An even better rate is to call collect--that way someone else is
paying the ridiculous toll fee. Dial 090 and request an English-speaking oper-
ator. The prefix to call the USA and Canada is 001. If calling to a local cell
phone, dial the prefix 044 669.
1-800 numbers are not toll free from Mexico, but you may have occasion to
call one, especially if you lose a credit card. The following are the numbers to
1-800 dial 001-880
1-888 dial 001-881
1-877 dial 001-882
1-866 dial 001-883
Some people want to leave a telephone number where they can be reached
from home while they are on vacation. I don't understand that either, but here
are the special instructions. Your friends and relatives will need to dial a bunch
of numbers to get through to you. If dialing from the U.S. or Canada, first dial
011-52-669, then the seven digit local number.
Christine's Hair Salon: Yes you can find a phone booth in a hair salon.
Located right next door to Subway on Camarón Sábalo in the Golden Zone.
She will let you make a 5 minute sample call FOR FREE to the United States
or Canada so you can see for yourself that her telephone services are the low-
est rate and best connection in town! She sells a $5 U.S. phone card in which
you can talk for 20 minutes to anyone in the U.S. or Canada and 40 other
countries. You can keep in touch with friends, business associates, or family.
She also has a few computers for public rental for Internet use
Mike Veselik
Char les A. Hall