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Pets: I don't have any pets, but my friend Henry Laxen has several and
assures me that,
"One of the great things about traveling to Mexico is how easy it is to bring
your little doggie or kitty into the country. All you need to bring them into the
country is an up-to-date health certificate, which should be available from any
vet in the U.S. We have found most of the restaurants here are very tolerant of
our little dog. You'll have to check with your hotel as to their pet policy. Maybe
your beloved little friend deserves a vacation as well!"
Most airlines will transport pets. I know that America West will fly a cat in a
carrier under the seat for $75 U.S. An International Health Certificate will be
Don't bring guns and explosives into Mazatlán unless you have proper
documentation: Mexico does not have a National Rifle Association, and the
government discourages arming its citizens and especially foreigners.
Possession of illegal arms can bring you some serious jail time--and I'm told
any jail time in Mexico is serious.
Spring break for students: It happens every year in Fort Lauderdale and
Palm Springs, and Mazatlán is no different. About 20,000 young people
descend on the city between February 21 and April 18. Don't get me wrong--
they don't cause disruptions or problems. I just want to point out to students
reading this book of an excellent website for a spring break tour,
Travel to Mazatlán: Your first trip to Mazatlán may be through a travel agent
that offers a package deal. That's great, but it does not have to be that way. There
are a couple of good websites where you can get good airline tickets cheap, and
I'll discuss hotels in Chapter 11. The websites are,, and
Daylight Savings Time: Mazatlán is in the same time zone as Mountain
Time in the States. Several years ago, the
Mexican government decided to make the
same mistake the USA did, and went to
daylight savings time. So on the first week-
end of April, they "spring forward" an
hour, and the last weekend of October
they "fall back" an hour.
Landing in Mazatlán: You remembered
to do all the things I suggested and you've
finally landed in paradise. As you leave the
plane, look for that restroom and hope not
many people have read my book and taken my advice. Exit the restroom
Mazatlan International Airport
M a z a t l a n I S P a r a d i s e