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Novia: This is a bridal shop, but they will rent women's gowns as well. Laura
Saldierna is the proprietor, and the shop is located at Rafael Buelna #105-1.
Contact Laura at 990-1605 for prices and directions.
Bring along a pair of casual slacks and/or dress for evenings at that special
place. Be sure to pack a good pair of walking shoes, for there will be ample
opportunity to stroll the city streets, taking in the sounds, sights and smells of
this beautiful metropolis. I always recommend packing a light jacket or sweater
for those cool evenings sitting in an open-air beachside restaurant while
watching the breathtaking sunset.
Even though it will do no good, I remind you not to over pack. Most hotels
have laundry facilities and there are reputable laundries throughout the tourist
zone. Plus, there are two favorite pastimes here: shopping for new clothes and
hats, and wearing them. In fact, shopping is so good, I recommend one or
both: bring along an extra suitcase filled with old clothes, especially children's
clothing. Your hotel or the Pacific Pearl English language newspaper office will
gladly take them for distribution to needy local families and orphanages. If
you're a super shopper, there are numerous stores selling good leather luggage.
Then you will have plenty of room for all those items you bought in Mazatlán.
If you are traveling from a cold climate, have a carry-on bag and place a pair
of shorts and short-sleeve shirt/blouse in it so that when you arrive in
Mazatlán, you can go to the restroom and change into them. It will make your
motor trip to your resort much more comfortable. On your return trip, pack
your heavy cloths to wear on the plane trip home in the carry-on, and make
your change at the airport again. You'll be far more comfortable for that last
minute shopping and long trip to the airport.
Other items: Sunscreen is a must. It is available in stores in Mazatlán, but I
suggest you buy it in the states because it is not only cheaper, but also the first
place you will want to go is the beach, and you'll need the sunscreen then.
An electric current adapter is not necessary. The electric current is the same
as in Canada and the United States. Mazatlán is so laid-back I'm not sure you'll
even need your electric razor or blow dryer anyway.
Be sure to pack away an adequate supply of your prescription drugs because
your prescription may not be available in Mexico. However, many prescription
drugs are not only easier to get, but cost about 50% of what they cost in the
U.S. Prescriptions by U.S. doctors are not always accepted in Mazatlán phar-
macies. Many drugs that require written prescriptions in the States are sold
"across the counter" in the city.
If you would like to see a sample of what is available for purchase, or even
place an order and have it waiting for you when you arrive, take a look at: There you will find an online pharmacy,
Char les A. Hall