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Bride and Groom must supply the following information:
Complete Name
Address, Age, Nationality, Civil State (married, divorced, etc.)
Whether you were married before (divorced or widowed). If divorced you
must supply notarized or legal copies of the Divorce Decree
Parents' Names (must match names on Birth Certificate)
Current Address for both sets of parents
Nationality of parents
If you bring witnesses, they must be at least 18 years of age, and you must
provide their complete names, addresses, ages, and nationality.
Good advice:
People always seem concerned about banditos in Mexico. I'm sure rip-offs
exist, but there is crime in all the cities the size of Mazatlán in the U.S. It is my
belief that you are safer here than in large cities in the States.
Someone asked me, "If you say the crime rate is so low, why do I see so
many cops carrying automatic weapons in the tourist zone?"
"They carry the weapons and remain visible in the tourist zone to deter
criminal activity," I responded.
It only makes sense that extra precautions would be taken by the govern-
ment to protect tourists, since that is where Mazatlán gets half her revenue.
Someone else asked me why so many of the houses have wrought-iron bars
on the windows. I've been told that it is an architectural thing, brought to
Mazatlán by the Spaniards. My house has ornamental iron bars in all the win-
dows that not only add to the attractiveness of the house but also provide secu-
rity. On the other hand, as I watch other houses being built these days, I notice
an absence of the iron bars.
Are there petty thieves in Mazatlán? Yes. Can your purse/wallet be stolen?
Yes. But that can happen anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. Our adult offspring
expressed their concern about my wife and I driving to Mazatlán. They said it
was too dangerous in Mexico. In fact, we feel safer in Mexico than we do while
passing through Los Angeles and Phoenix! Our home in Mazatlán is very
secure and has never been burglarized. In 2002, while we were wintering in
Mazatlán, our home in Yelm, Washington was broken into.
This information is passed on not to alarm you of the possibility of
purse/wallet theft in Mazatlán, but forewarned is forearmed. Remove every-
thing from your purse and wallet that you will not need and leave them at
home. Take all the cards from your wallet and have them copied. Do both sides
Char les A. Hall