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it in a safe place with your return airline ticket(s). You will be required to
return it when you depart the country.
We were in line with a bunch of college students at the airport immigration
and the young lady ahead of us said she had lost her visa form. She was wor-
ried that she would either not be able to leave the country, she would be
delayed in the country, or would have to pay a fine. I told her that there are far
worse things than not being able to leave the country. My more sensible wife
interjected, that if all else fails--cry. Mexican men have a great deal of difficul-
ty dealing with crying women. She took my wife's advice and was quickly
allowed to board the plane. If you are not a U.S. or Mexican citizen, I suggest
you contact the Mexican consulate for identification requirements.
Since that incident the airlines began taking the visa as part of check-in for
your flight home. If you lose the visa now it can be rewritten on the spot.
Depending on the airline and the mood of the person checking you in, the
prices, I've heard range from nothing to $30 U.S.
New brides, please note that the name on your airplane ticket must match
your picture ID. I suggested to my granddaughter, who used our timeshare for
a honeymoon, that she travel under her maiden name. She did so, but once in
Mazatlán, she told everyone who would listen that they were newlyweds. They
were amazed how many free drinks and special favors they received--from
both guests and business proprietors.
This might be the best time to discuss getting married in Mazatlán. Several
people have asked if it is possible. Nothing is impossible in Mazatlán. There are
several hoops to jump through to do so, but hey guys, won't this give you a
chance to learn how to jump through hoops prior to your marriage? My friend
Lani Wooll provided me with the following requirements based on previous
wedding services held by a justice of the peace at the Hotel Torres Mazatlán
where she works:
The JP does not require a blood test and he does all the paperwork for you.
He charges about $150 U.S., but does not speak English. Martha Armenta of
her school, "English and Spanish For All," comes highly recommended not
only as a superb interpreter, but excellent resource.
Requirements for foreigners to be married in Mexico. All the paperwork
must be ready a working day or two before the ceremony so the judge may
process the paperwork:
1. Birth Certificate--Original or copy with a notarized seal
2. Picture I.D.--Driver's License or Passport
3. Visas that are given to you on the airplane and validated by Mexican
Immigration in the airport when you arrive.
M a z a t l a n I S P a r a d i s e