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Let's go on that dream trip
You've just told your boss that it's time
for your winter vacation, and you call
your travel agent. Many first time trips
to Mazatlán are through a package
travel deal involving both airline tickets
and accommodations.
Prices vary,
depending on distance from Mazatlán,
class of hotel and length of stay. Now
your real planning begins. What do you
Immigration: Everyone entering Mexico, whether adult or child, must be
properly documented. A valid passport is best, but not all of us are world trav-
elers, so three other documents are acceptable to prove U.S. citizenship:
1. An official certified birth certificate.
2. Certificate of Naturalization.
3. Least desirable is a voter's registration card.
If a passport is not used, a picture ID is required with one of the above doc-
uments. While not necessary at the airport, I recommend having a picture ID
for all children, regardless of age. Minors under 18 years of age must have per-
mission of either parents or guardians. A legal document providing proof the
accompanying adult has sole custody is best. If not, a notarized document
signed by the other parent, giving permission for travel is acceptable.
All travelers, including children, will need a visitor's visa. When told this, I
kept expecting a card but, in fact, the visa is a two-part card. It will be provid-
ed to you on the airplane while enroute to Mexico, and you complete and sign
it prior to landing. While processing through immigration at the airport in
Mazatlán, the immigration officer will stamp it and return half the form. Keep