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With all the beach vendors in the area, it is a virtual shopping mall. There
are volleyball games, soccer games, beach fishing, swimming, sun bathing,
walkers and dancers, and even an occasional traveling Mariachi band. During
college spring break, you can even catch a dance contest or "hard body" con-
test. This is where most of the "fun-in-the-sun" takes place.
Playa Norte: This beach parallels the Malecón and extends from Valentino's
to just south of the Fisherman's Monument, four miles away. It is great for
swimming, and most days you can sit on the Malecón wall and watch the
surfers or on Sunday see the locals playing baseball games or soccer. Between
6 and 7 a.m. go just south of the Fisherman's Monument and watch the fish-
ermen sell their daily catch.
Olas Altas: This is the original tourist beach in Mazatlán, which was popu-
lar in the 1940s. It is located just south of "ice box hill." You can sit on the small
beach and enjoy watching the surfers and wind surfers. Afterwards, cross the
street and sit in one of the sidewalk cafés and do some people watching while
sipping a cool one.
Stone Island: It is not really an island, but a peninsula, with great beaches.
It is a 15-minute ferryboat ride from the ferry docks in the downtown area.
Walking, swimming, people watching and horseback riding are among the
many activities there. Cafés are available for refreshments during your visit.
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Char les A. Hall