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appointment, they seem to always work me in within a half hour's wait. Not
Overall, I think they provide an excellent service and I feel that I get my
money's worth. Just the amount I would spend on monthly blood pressure
medicine covers the annual amount I pay for coverage. But it isn't perfect and
isn't all-inclusive. If you have IMSS, I'd suggest you also set aside a small
amount to cover your second opinions or out-of-pocket expense for meds out-
side the IMSS system.
The amount I would be paying out-of-pocket for monthly blood pressure
medications is equal to or greater than the amount I pay for annual IMSS cov-
erage (which provides for all my blood pressure meds). So for me, I would be
spending that amount anyway. It's almost like getting the rest of the coverage
for free!
M a z a t l a n I S P a r a d i s e