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Agua Fresca: Could be anything from fruit-flavored water drinks to mashed
sweetened rice mixed with ice water. They are made with purified water and
ice cubes.
Asada a la Plaza: Grilled beef, cut into pieces, served with potatoes or veg-
etable with lettuce, onions and tortillas.
Birria: Stew of lamb or goat in a sauce spiced with chilis, cinnamon, cloves,
cumin, and oregano.
Burrito: A flour tortilla that is rolled around seafood, beans, or meat. It has
also been eaten with a light coat of butter--or even jam.
Carne Asada: Roast or grilled beef that is served with cut up pieces of veg-
etables or potatoes, and may be served on a taco.
Chalupa: A crisp, whole tortilla topped with beans, meat or seafood. (This
is also known as a tostada.)
Chiles rellenos: A mild chile stuffed with cheese, deep-fried in egg batter,
and served with a ranchero sauce.
Enchilada: A corn tortilla dipped in chile sauce, then rolled around a filling
of meat, chicken, cheese, or seafood and baked in the oven.
Enfrijolada: Like the enchilada except it is dipped in a sauce of refried beans
instead of chile sauce.
Flauta: A small corn tortilla roll generally stuffed with chicken or beef and
Gordita: A small, thick, corn tortilla stuffed with a spicy meat mixture.
Huarache: A large, flat, thick, oval-shaped tortilla topped with fried meat
and chilies.
Menudo: A thick soup made with cows' feet and tripe and sometimes intes-
tines. It is seasoned with chiles de arbol, oregano, and fresh chopped onions.
Posole: Hominy stew made with pork or chicken and garnished with
radishes, oregano, onions, chile powder, salt, and lime.