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if you see a movie with the Spanish title, chances are you can go to IMDB and
search by the title and see what it is in English and read a review about it.
Are the insects bugging you: Many people have told me that ants and cock-
roaches have gotten into their homes. We have not been bothered much by
insects. The reason is that we have an exterminator come and spray our house
every couple months. The non-toxic chemicals cause a slight clean-up prob-
lem 24 hours after application, but it is well worth it. We use Eco
who charges us approximately $14 U.S., but they charge
by the size of the house. You can reach them by telephone at 986-7921. They
do a good job and actually show up when they say they will. That is important
because you should be there to open the home to be sprayed.
Sewer problems: Since most of Mazatlán is at sea level and sewers are grav-
ity operated, drainage problems can occur--especially in heavy rains.
Sometimes during heavy rains, water from the street may back up into your
sewer. If so, you have an old sewer. To prevent this from happening in the
future, have a "flap" installed on your line at
the street. Water will exit your pipe, but the
flap prevents water from entering your
If you need your sewer cleared, call the
Plomero Company at 981-1447. Roberto
did an excellent job for me. No one
there speaks English, but I did fine demon-
strating with hand gestures. The cost was
very reasonable.
I hope this book has been helpful in
making your stay in Mazatlán an enjoyable
one. I wish you many happy returns to par-
adise on earth.
Sun sets on Paradise
M a z a t l a n I S P a r a d i s e