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Vivero Diana: This is the floral shop of the Golden Zone. Diana is located
next door to Mango's Restaurant. She has flower arrangements for all occa-
sions, flowers in pots, plants, fountains, trees, and shrubs as well as yard orna-
ments. Operating hours are from 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Monday through
Saturday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday. The telephone number is 985-6050.
Personal Bilingual Assistant: They provide bilingual assistance in acquiring
a FM-3. Legal assistance is also provided. Their office is located in the Pacific
Pearl office on Camarón Sábalo, and you can reach them by telephone by call-
ing 913-0672. They are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Mazatlán Help'n Hand: Worried because you are planning a move to
Mazatlán and don't understand the ins `n outs? Concerned because you don't
have an understanding of Spanish? People with years of experience in both
areas can answer all your questions. Simply by contacting Lee Newman at 985-
0054, you can get assistance for everything from home construction or remod-
eling, getting utilities hooked up, rentals, business permits, school enrollment,
pet care, and everything else in between. The address is C. Manuel Bonilla # 8
in El Centro. An excellent website is Other
contacts can be made via the Internet at or cell
phone, 044 669 941-8020.
Translation: If you need a general, "quick and dirty" translation, try these
free websites for both English and Spanish:,
Mazatlán Home Rentals: In addition to finding you a place to stay, they
provide personal assistance in solving your problems as well as working with
Spanish-speaking community members. Santana is bilingual in language as
well as having a great sense of humor. Santana knows where everything is and
you don't waste a lot of time asking for directions. I'm told he set a new record
by having my Telmex phone connected in just two days! Check their web page
at http://www.Mazatlá
Bazaar: This is a second-hand store for you bargain hunters. It is located on
Belisario Dominguez, which is four blocks south of the Fisherman's
Monument. From the Malecón, turn onto Belisario Dominguez and go about
two blocks and look for it on the left.
TV Guide: We can get the local Megacable listings via Internet at:, then click on "Mazatlán." You
can view by certain types of programs, or if you notice the links on the left side,
you can search for programs. By clicking on a program it will give you a syn-
opsis of the movie, most times in Spanish, but if I can't figure out the movie
from the Spanish title, the cast list will give me a clue. The Internet Movie
Database at lists many movies by their international titles, so
Char les A. Hall