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at, and they can be contacted via E-mail
at You can telephone them at 986-2471.
Rocio Aramburo: A well-qualified Spanish teacher who will teach any level
and customize instruction with emphasis on speaking, listening, reading or writ-
ing skills. Rocio started out teaching English at a language school in El Centro in
1993. In December 2001, she graduated from the Universidad Interamericana del
. Rocio is qualified to teach both English and Spanish. Her email address is and telephone number is 980-8028.
Centro de Idiomas de Mazatlán: The school is located at Aurora #203. You can
telephone them at 985-5606 in the mornings. You can e-mail them at or check their web page at
The school has offered language programs for over 30 years. Their method,
called Conversational Method for Adults, involves active student participation
in class with emphasis on speaking and listening comprehension skills, which
assist the student to eventually converse on the level of a native speaker.
Courses include sufficient grammar for this goal. Dixie Davis, the director,
welcomes interested persons to sit in on a class.
Some items of interest just don't fit into a particular category, but are still of
interest to some people.
Getting cash from U.S. and Canada: For you folks who live here, from six
months to all year, there is an excellent way to get your money to Mazatlán at a
better exchange rate. The Casa de Cambio is called Intercam, and the address is
Boca del Mar #8, Suite #4 in the Zona Dorada (This is a block long street that
runs east-west between Playa Gaviotas and La Laguna. Turn right just past all
the jewelry stores).
They specialize in converting personal U.S. and Canadian checks to pesos.
They provide a better exchange rate than the banks. You get a four- to six-day
float before your check clears in the U.S. or Canada. If you need money wire
transferred you can have it transferred to yourself ?Intercam and you'll not
only get a better rate than the banks give, but you'll avoid the fees many of the
local banks charge for receiving a wire transfer. They will also cash personal
dollar checks you have been given by someone else as long as you guarantee
them. They will NOT cash any U.S. government check or U.S. Post Office
money orders. I don't know the reason that anyone could possibly not trust
Uncle Sam.
You will need to provide copies of your FM-3, passport, and utility bills in
your name to get registered initially. The manager is L.A.E. Miguel Ochoa and
he speaks good English. Telephone him at 916-7517.
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