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payment (sign upon delivery). There is a minimum $5 U.S. purchase. Call
Claudia at 940-6297 at Ext. 111 and 112. She speaks perfect English, and she
will take your order or answer questions.
"Special" foods:
It is difficult to identify "special foods," because some of the foods we take
for granted in the States are not available in Mazatlán--or are hard to find.
The following are items that I have found or have been told about:
Tofu: Can be found at a little store just off Zaragoza, about two blocks east
of the Famsa store at A. Serdan & Zaragoza--towards the Mercado. It is
between Benito Juarez and G. Nelson. They specialize in cake baking supplies
and also have rice vinegar and more.
Soymilk: Is available at most supermarkets. Nestle's Omega plus comes in
one-liter cartons and is hidden among the unrefrigerated milk.
Herbs: can be found at Lydia's. Her `Vivero' is close to Gigante. Go out past
Office Depot; turn to the right then left on the first street. She is half way down
on the right.
Coffee: Being from the Pacific Northwest, I've grown accustomed to good
coffee. No! I'm not a Starbucks' snob. I've not been able to bring myself to pay
$3 U.S. for a Latte or Espresso--but my wife drinks enough for both of us.
We especially like the El Marino export gourmet coffees of Oaxaca, beans
or ground, espresso, beans, and all of the flavored coffees sold at the Mazatlán
Book & Coffee Company. It is located in the mini-shopping plaza on Camarón
, across the street from the Costa de Oro Hotel in the Golden Zone. Since
the coffee shop went belly up in the Plaza Ley, David Bodwell has the best cof-
fee for the price in Mazatlán.
Vehicle repair
Mazatlán has as many good mechanics as there are cars. They can do won-
ders--especially with older models. Many of my friends have favorite mechan-
ics in Mazatlán. I have first-hand knowledge of only one garage. I have heard
they can service any car, old or new, foreign or domestic.
GL Auto Servicios: (GL stands for Gonzalo Llausas, the owner.) I was
impressed by the sense of professionalism and the many late-model vehicles
being worked on in the shop. They have seven full-time mechanics and all the
computer equipment to handle newer cars and trucks. Gonzalo is very knowl-
edgeable and has two degrees from U.S. schools and colleges in automotive
engineering. His English is close to flawless. The result was a reasonable bill, an
excellent repair and an altogether pleasant experience. GL Auto Servicios is on
Camarón Sábalo #316, right next to the Hertz car rental.
Char les A. Hall