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Canada, including Home Depot. They double-check your tiny bits and pieces
against the bill that you paid prior to bagging it for you.
Glass and glass cutting: Con Ramirez is on Ejercito Mexicano, across the
street from the old Ley grocery store. They have always done a good job and
are fast and reliable. They do nice beveling also. They will come out to your
home and take measurements and their prices are about the same as all the
Humberto Ruiz, owner of Vitrales Inova is located at Insurgentes #290-A.
Humberto charged quite a bit less than Ramirez above. He speaks English. If
you're traveling north on del Mar, turn right on Insurgentes. His little shop is
on the right just before the first stop light. It is a small shop so you might eas-
ily miss it, but if you look for the pottery shop on the other side of the street,
Humberto's shop will be across from it on the right. Just a note, glass seems to
be expensive here in Mexico so don't be surprised at the price no matter who
gives you a bid.
Wrought iron work: For excellent and reasonably priced custom wrought
iron work go to Las Quince Letras at in El Centro. The owner is Jorge Medina,
speaks excellent English and can be reached at 982-8896.
Craftsmen: Call Lani Wooll and leave a message at 988-0080 and she will
return your call. She can also be reached on her cell phone as well: 044-669-
918-1678 or email, . She has a whole list of reliable,
honest plumbers, handymen, electricians, architects, carpenters, masons and
painters. They all work or contract with the Hotel Torres Mazatlán where she
is employed. She can supply excellent references from Americans, Canadians,
and various hotels such as Vidafel and Fiesta Inn where they have also done
work. Most can speak some English.
Rick Lewis recommends two good plumbers, and both speak English.
Régalo (emphasis on the first syllable) works on the front desk at Hotel Bel Mar
from 3 p.m. till about midnight, but is available during the day until about 2
p.m. for plumbing. He is better at small projects around the house, such as
water heaters, leaky pipes, faucets, etc. The phone number at his home is 983-
5734 (wife speaks Spanish). He can be reached at the Bel Mar after 3 p.m. at
Lorenzo Enrique López is more of a plumbing and electrical contractor. He
is better for larger jobs like a new cistern, or serious plumbing inside walls or
out to the street mains, etc. His English is slow, but he can communicate in
English. Tel: 984-8696, or cell is 044 669 912-4433. I used Lorenzo to repair a
toilet and he was efficient, reliable, and inexpensive.
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