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you use it on the same line as your telephone and when the phone rings, your
Internet connection merely drops down to 64K. Unlike cable, ADSL is like
being connected directly to the backbone. However, ADSL is only good if you
are within a specific distance from a switching station. It is also dependent on
the condition of the copper wire from your home to the switching station.
There are a lot of variables. You may get a great connection and you may get a
bad one or you may be too far from the station to qualify.
I can't find a majority of acquaintances that vote in favor of any one of the
ISPs. One thing they do agree on is buy yourself a surge protector and don't
scrimp on the cost. Mazatlán has many electrical storms and surges that can
fry your hard drive, and cause expensive computer repair. While we are on this
subject, it is appropriate to get a surge protector for your TV as well.
Ink cartridges: Ink cartridges for printers are expensive in Mexico, or in the
USA, but if you know where to go, you can save some money. In Mazatlán, the
cheapest place I know is Data Pak on Rafael Buelna. Heading toward the air-
port, look for a large white building with a guardhouse at the front. It is on the
left-hand side of the street just before you get to Highway 15. Stop at the
guardhouse and ask directions to the salesroom. Black cartridges cost about
$17 U.S. each, and color cartridges, about $22 U.S.
An even cheaper way is to order them from They cost
about a buck a cartridge for reconditioned ones that work fine. The problem
is that you will need a contact in the states that can get them and bring them
to Mazatlán to you. I don't think they ship to Mexico.
Computer technician: I had a problem with three of the keys sticking. My
friend Dorothy Faith recommended a young man named Jorge. He made three
trips to my home, fixed the keyboard and upgraded my windows from ME to
XP and only charged about $40 U.S. He speaks excellent English, and is very
responsive. He can either be contacted at home at 985-5599 or his cell number
is 044 669 994-1518. My friend, Martha Armenta, and others recommend a
technician named César Gonzalez Mera. He is also reliable and fast and speaks
perfect English. His cell phone number is 044 669 994-3705.
Home Repair, Service and Construction Materials
Building supplies: Marlene Santana of Mazrentals offers the following:
Felton lumberyard (El Centro) has some fabulous building supplies in
Mazatlán. The lumberyard is very efficient, and they take all credit cards AND
don't go away for mid-day meal break. She learned that it is appropriate to tip
the guy that "custom cuts" your lumber for you.
Kuroda is located across from Plaza Ley. This place sells tiles, tubs and sinks
and is even more efficient than any building supply place she shopped at in
Char les A. Hall