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a copy or the original. The information where it has been recorded on the pub-
lic registry is on the last page. The Notario will need this information to get the
certificate of "Liens Burdens or Encumbrances." An up-to-date paid copy of
your tax bill is also important. Your Notario will need this to get a certificate
from city hall clearing your property of pending charges. Make sure these bills
are kept in a safe place.
As mentioned earlier, you may want to have capital gains taxes excused, so
have the foresight to get an FM-3 for two years, and keep all the electricity and
telephone bills. You'll need a copy of the most recent electric bill to prove you
still live there. The Notario will require the most recent water bill paid in full,
association dues receipts showing paid up, and trust fees, if appropriate. You
will also need to give a birth certificate and driver's license or passport to the
Notario. If you had the home built recently, you may need a final release from
Social Security. All of these papers will someday be important so don't throw
them away. Keep them in a safe place.
You have made up your mind and decided to stay in Mazatlán for an
extended period of time. You have acquired a place to stay. In the next chapter,
you'll learn useful tips for adjusting to your new environment.
Char les A. Hall