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Sábalo Country: East of Camarón Sábalo and north of El Cid, this neigh-
borhood is loaded with tract homes, many owned by foreigners. If you are
looking for a fixer-upper, this is the neighborhood for you. Beware of the low-
lying homes and broken roads in places. That is an indication of flood condi-
tions at certain times of the year.
Marina Mazatlán: Although connected physically to El Cid, and the El Cid
Marina and Country Club, this is a separate development. The construction
company ran out of cash in 1995 and there are many unfinished buildings in
the area. New buildings are being built in the neighborhood. I've often won-
dered where a person can go to purchase an unfinished house and complete
the project, but I have never gotten an answer.
Cerritos: The area north of the bridge and El Cid Marina in which most of
the homes are on the beach side of the road. There are numerous complexes
such as La Marina Tennis and Yacht Club, Playa Escondido Condominiums,
Villas de Rueda, Playa Linda, Real del Mar, Villa Tranquilla, and Royal Country.
Two-bedroom condos at La Marina and Playa Escondida start at $75,000 U.S.,
and houses at Villa Tranquila sell for just over $100,000 U.S. The villas in Villas
de Rueda
go for about $400,000 U.S., and the Playa Linda homes go for
between $200,000 and $800,000 U.S.
Delfin: This is the northern part of Mazatlán, and the current frontier.
There has been little development, but beachfront lots are relatively inexpen-
sive. Pueblo Bonito people built a huge complex called Emerald Bay a couple
years ago. The Playa Delfin condominium is located here, as well as the
Oceanica Retreat. Currently, the only road is dirt and utilities can be a prob-
lem. There is now a bypass road that skirts the Golden Zone, and makes get-
ting to the downtown and airport easier and faster--especially during the high
tourist season.
There are other housing areas, further inland that are much less expensive,
but not many foreigners venture into those neighborhoods. I have heard of
subdivisions where one can purchase an unfinished tract home for less than
$25,000 U.S., but I have not talked to a person that has built one.
What about building a home?
Again, this is a matter of personal taste, location and your financial situa-
tion. There are several good architects, builders, and real estate people in
Cesar Ochoa: I recommend Cesar because I have not only seen several of the
buildings he built, but he completely remodeled our house. I heard all these
horror stories about delays in work, etc. and how if you want things done right,
you must be on site all the time. I have not had that experience. During the
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