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Cerro de la Neveria: Known as icebox hill. These are great view homes, but
don't come on the selling block often.
Los Pinos/Paseo Claussen: Back in the 1970s, this was the fancy area of
Mazatlán. Houses are generally three bedrooms on irregular lots. Prices range
from 50K to 400K U.S.
Ferrocarrilera: This is in the area near the Hotel Hacienda. The homes are
generally four-five bedrooms, but as families shrunk, upper income families
moved north into three bedroom homes. Some of the larger homes have been
remodeled into business offices and schools. Prices for these homes range
between $50,000 and $300,000 U.S.
Estadio: About 25 years ago, this area was developed near the baseball field.
Most of the homes are three bedrooms on 200 square meter lots. Some of the
homes in the low-lying area are flooded during the rainy season. The prices
range from $35,000 to $75,000 U.S.
El Toreo: Near Office Depot and the bullring, this area was developed about
20 years ago and most homes are quite small and on lots of 150 to 200 square
meters. There are also homes in the low-lying area that suffer flooding during
the rainy summer months. The range of prices for these homes is from $45,000
to $75,000 U.S.
Lomas: It is the neighborhood east of Camarón Sábalo. Between Valentino's
and Dairy Queen (Gaviotas). There are not many lots available for develop-
ment. There are some small and large homes here. Prices range from 50K to
500K U.S.
Las Gaviotas: A nice neighborhood of homes located east of Camarón
Sábalo, and north of the Dairy Queen (Gaviotas), to the El Dorado subdivision.
These homes retain their value because of the proximity to the tourist area.
Streets in this neighborhood are generally in poor condition.
El Dorado: This area runs east of Camarón Sábalo north from Balboa
Towers to El Cid. Many upper income Mexicans live in this quiet neighbor-
hood that has a boulevard and several dead end streets. Home prices range
from $60,000 to $500,000 U.S., but there is only a hand full in the $60,000 U.S.
El Cid: The neighborhood of choice for many Americans and upper class
Mexicans. It is the most expensive area in Mazatlán, not only because of the
price of homes, but the annual maintenance and security fees paid by all
homeowners. Homes range from condos to mansions, golf site to waterfront.
Prices range from $100,000 to $500,000 U.S. with a few fixer-uppers available
for about $75,000 U.S. While the golf course is an attraction, a substantial
annual maintenance/security fee is required of every owner.
Char les A. Hall